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An Overview of NTU RCFE Educational Programs

Course and Degree Program
Fostering young talent is a key step to mitigate global environmental challenges. National Taiwan University Research Center for Future Earth integrates NTU faculty members and resources across academic disciplines, affiliated departments, degree programs, and institutions to offer general education courses and a degree program. In partnership with Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica and Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP), NTU RCFE will offer a Future Earth Ph.D. program in 2021 to cultivate new-generation scientists to promote research capacity in sustainability science and future environmental leaders to establish foresighted policies.

Our faculty members’ research projects are funded by government agencies and foundations. Students will have opportunities to participate in research across Earth science, climate change, environmental engineering, geography, and social science. Our students are encouraged and supported to attend international conferences and conduct research abroad to enhance their international experience.

Training Program
To promote Taiwan and our partnering countries’ capacity in disaster reduction and management, earthquake early warning, landslide monitoring, and environmental remediation, NTU RCFE will cooperate with Academia Sinica, National Applied Research Laboratories, National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction, National Center for Earthquake Engineering, and Tatun Volcano Observatory to offer training programs, workshops, and technology transfer to government agencies or private sectors.

Outreach Program
The evolution of human society has become the primary force that has caused a rapid and unprecedented impact on the earth system after the Industrial Revolution. Since the scale of the anthropogenic impact on the environment is so enormous, scientists use the term “Anthropocene” to refer to the most recent geological epoch. To spread knowledge in sustainability science to the public and to exchange ideas across disciplines, NTU RCFE will host “Anthropocene Seminars.” Seminar topics align with global climate and environmental change, Earth science, social-ecological system and other issues that address contemporary environmental challenges. 

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Our Courses

NTU RCFE will affiliate with colleges and departments across National Taiwan University to offer undergraduate and graduate courses in sustainability science. Our courses provide students with opportunities to explore the dynamics and complexity of global environmental challenges and to find the pathway to a sustainable and resilient future.

TermCourse NumberTitleInstructors
Fall 2018IPCS7010Earth and Environment: Issues and Solutions
Shiuh-Shen Chien
Fall 2018IPCS7020Science for policymakers: A discussion seminar on environmental sustainability Haojia Ren

Anthropocene Seminars

NTU RCFE recognizes its social responsibility of promoting the public awareness of global environmental change by organizing “Anthropocene Seminars.” Distinguished speakers are invited to discuss a wide range of topics related to the anthropogenic impact on the Earth system and scientific advancement that addresses the contemporary environmental crisis. The seminars are open to the general public to enhance sustainability literacy of the public. We hope the seminars can become an innovative and influential platform that encourages more conversations between the public, scientists, and policymakers.

2018 Seminars

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September 19, 2018Shih-Liang Chien Lecture Hall, 
Multi-Purpose Classroom Building
Prof. Veerabhadran Ramanathan
Scripps Institute of Oceanography, UC San Diego

Bending the Curve: Climate Chnage Solutions
October 26, 2018International Conference Hall,
Center for Condensed Matter Sciences
Prof. Lou-Chuang Lee
Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica

Spectacular Aurora
November 1, 2018Shih-Liang International Conference HallProf. Kerry Sieh
Earth Observatory of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University

A Meteorite Impact and a Dam Failure in Southern Laos
November 26, 2018Shih-Liang International Conference HallProf. John Suppe
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Houston 

Where Taiwan Came from — Seeing Its Deep Past by Looking Deep inside the Earth

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